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Welcome to WAKEUP, where we believe that the quality of our lives and the results we achieve are a direct reflection of our internal dialogue, programming, and beliefs. The problem is, most of this programming happens unconsciously, without our conscious choice.

And here's the kicker: we often end up manifesting results that don't align with our true desires. But fear not! At WAKEUP, we're dedicated to helping you break free from these limiting beliefs and programming, so you can finally live the life you truly desire.


Put simply, our mission is to inspire millions, one human at a time, to wake up to a new way of living, where they are in control of their future and not defined by their past. 


We see a world where those who are ready to WAKEUP can break free from the chains of societal norms, cultural conditioning and past programming. By taking radical responsibility for their lives and healing from past trauma, individuals can break generational patterns and begin to truly flourish.


Our values are empowerment, authenticity, community, growth and service.


Our Story


Meet Jay and Steph, the dynamic duo behind WAKEUP. As business partners and the ultimate power couple (yeah, we’re cool to toot our own horn) our collective experience as entrepreneurs, parents and normal humans that have been through it all, led us to start The WAKEUP Collective. 


We've been there, on the brink of a breakup and burned out from the fast-paced hamster wheel of life. But through our personal journey, we've discovered transformational practices that have empowered and fulfilled us.

In 2022, two months before our wedding, we officially partnered in business to launch our membership The Collective. People thought we were crazy (but hey, that's nothing new) but we knew we couldn't wait anymore to share what we've learned, lived and embodied over the last few years.


What we deliver here at WAKEUP, and especially inside of The WAKEUP Collective, is the daily recharge for you and other busy humans, topping you up to 100% so that you WAKEUP feeling calmer, happier and excited for your day.

Join us on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and transformation. Together, let's break free from the limitations of our past programming and create a life that truly reflects who we are.

The People Behind WAKEUP

Welcome to The WAKEUP Co.!  Together, our team is fueled by a shared passion for mindset, embodiment, and expanding consciousness. We work seamlessly together, supporting each other's strengths and bringing a wave of positive change to your life. 


Meet the passionate minds behind the scenes who keep the wheels turning and the energy high. 

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